Web3 entertainment network
The Sator platform aligns content ecosystem participants in an open economy that increases value creation and distribution

Watch content, play games, collect NFTs and socialize

Hop between realms, play head-to-head trivia, chat with fellow fans, earn SAO, and show off your NFTs.

How It Works

Content Creators and Rights Holders

  • Claim your mini-metaverse
  • Drop NFTs directly in-realm
  • Web3 games feature your content
  • Incentivize audience growth
  • Fans collect, display, utilize your NFTs regardless of their crypto experience

Stay competitive in a Web3 future

TV, Music and Movie Fans

  • Play NFT games
  • Rate and vote on content
  • Watch and earn in a shared economy

Participate in a Web3 future

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nft 2
nft 3
nft 4
nft 1
nft 2
nft 3
nft 4

Unique NFT utility

Discover what NFTs can do in your favorite shows and music...

Launch NFT Marketplace

Stake & earn

Support Sator Network with in-app staking.

stake backgroundstakeearn more

Join us in the Satorverse

Come explore Sator's very own Virtual Reality penthouse inside AltspaceVR. Join one of our scheduled parties, or just come hang on your own time.








Isla Perfito

Isla Perfito

Co-Founder, CEO

Blockchain evangelist, data scientist and applied machine learning engineer. Disruptor.



Co-Founder, President

Content producer for numerous media organizations and institutional advisor at investment management funds.

Dmitry M

Dmitry M

Team Lead

Team lead with over 24 years experience in the web and blockchain development and deep crypto expertise.

Rich M

Rich M

Marketing Messiah

15 year career in marketing, graphic design, brand building, social development

Nikolay H

Nikolay H

Senior Engineer

Technology Project Lead

Michael Y

Michael Y


Flutter development engineer with high blockchain experience..

Oleg L

Oleg L

Senior frontend developer

Senior frontend developer with experience in web3 and blockchain

Vlad G

Vlad G

Unity game developer

Unity game development lead. Crypto and game expert with 10+ years of experience.

Vlad B

Vlad B


UI/UX lead with over 7 years of experience delivering blockchain products

Andrii K

Andrii K

QA Engineer

QA engineer with over 8 years of experience in development




Galia Benartzi

Galia Benartzi

Key Advisor

Co-founded the crypto conversion company, Bancor, in 2017. Bancor ICO raised $153M.

Heslin Kim

Heslin Kim

Strategy Advisor

Director of APAC at Euronext Market Singapore and Partner at Digital Strategies private equity fund.

Rob Weiss

Rob Weiss

Entertainment Industry Advisor

Producer/Director/Writer, HBO Entourage, HBO Ballers, HBO How to Make It in America

Wayne Lin

Wayne Lin

CEO and Cofounder at Quantarrange

Founder at Axia8 Ventures

Dennis Lee

Dennis Lee

Founder & CEO of Dexlab

Founder & CEO of Dexlab


news 1

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Metaverse

Everyone has questions about the metaverse these days. We rounded up some of the more popular queries to help people understand and start exploring the metaverse.

news 1

Apply To Become An AmbasSator

The Sator Ambassador program was just opened for select individuals to become “AmbasSators,” who are individuals we believe could help promote Sator from within their communities, and to the world.

news 1

How to join Sator in the Satorverse

Meet the team, watch Avengers: Endgame, networking, and exclusive tour of Sator’s metaverse penthouse! Everyone who attends will receive an airdrop of SAO tokens!

news 1

SATOR x MipTV 2022

Sator Took Center Stage at MipTV’s 49th Spring International Television Market

news 1

Sator Launches “SatorSpace” Web3 P2E Game

Sator launched its new immersive, NFT-based game, “SatorSpace” on Google/Android today.



Find out more about SATOR's groundbreaking entertainment tech below.

For TV Networks, Producers, Distributors



VP, Content Partnerships

Vice President of Content Partnerships leads all B2B relationships across film, television, music, sports, gaming and media to integrate and optimize content on Sator. From initial meetings to long-term success management, the VP of Content Partnerships globally oversees and carries out Content Strategy on a global scale.

Show Details

Operations Assistant

We are looking for an organized and hard-working Assistant to help support our team. The Assistant will provide comprehensive administrative support to the COO at Sator.

Show Details

CMO, Chief Marketing Officer

We’re looking for an international marketing guru who is forward thinking and understands the nuances of crypto marketing, SEO, and community building.

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Become An AmbasSator

Sator AmbasSators will receive an airdrop of SAO tokens into their Sator wallet, special NFTs, unique in app badges, first access to new features, swagsuch as t-shirts and more!

some background

TikTok Ambassators

Telegram Ambassators

Instagram Ambassators

YouTube AmbasSators

Twitter AmbasSators

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What is the purpose of Sator?

Sator improves the global media industry for all participants by enabling its evolution to a web3 shared economy. The Sator Network diffuses value across all participants for their respective contributions to the ecosystem.

What is SAO?

SAO is the social utility token that fuels Sator Network, used for:
  • Unlocking gamified content realms in Sator application
  • Automatic in-dApp staking of SAO tokens gives higher rewards multipliers throughout the platform.
  • Used for governance votes to determine community sentiment of content.
  • Acquiring digital collectibles on Sator's NFT marketplace
  • Vote for plot decisions e.g. Romance-a-character NFTs with the embedded right to influence a characters fate
  • Interactive and streaming rewards from in-dApp challenges in alignment with the Sator proof-of-engagement mechanism.
  • Redeem SAO for exclusive content
  • Use SAO for digital + physical show merchandise and collectibles
  • Use (and HODL) SAO to participate in exclusive VR/AR experiences in the Satorverse
  • Utilize SAO for streaming service subscriptions, globally.

How does a viewer earn and utilize SAO?

Viewers who hold SAO are rewarded for interacting with series content. Individuals will need to stake SAO tokens in order to participate in the network. The more tokens an individual has staked and the more they interact with content on Sator, the more rewards they will receive.

How does Sator remove roadblocks to collecting NFTs?

Sator designs, mints, markets and distributes NFTs without requiring crypto expertise of its users. Sator provides every user with an in-app wallet. Instead of requiring users to know how to buy crypto, Sator allows users the opportunity to earn crypto simply by watching TV, music and other content.

What is staking?

Staking is depositing tokens for a specified period of time.

I'm a content creator and/or rights holder. How can I activate my content on Sator?

Contact Sator to request an invitation to the platform. Sator designs your metaverse and NFTs. Sator activates a rewards pool from which your viewers earn in your metaverse. As fans earn SAO, they are empowered to buy, display, collect and use your NFTs.

How much content can Sator help expand to the metaverse?

Sator is built for scale, so any size content slate can use Sator. For 1 film or 1 music video all the way to 1,000+ titles of an entire streaming network, Sator technologies provide a comprehensive turnkey Web3 solution at-scale.

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