Expanding linear content into the metaverse

The Sator platform aligns content ecosystem participants in an open economy that increases value creation and distribution.

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Watch content & play games in the metaverse

Socialize and compete in the content metaverse you design. Hop between realms, play head-to-head trivia, chat with fellow fans, earn SAO, and show off your NFTs.

Unique NFT utility

Beyond collecting, many NFTs on Sator are embedded with rights, aka "utility," in the content being watched.

Join over 4,000+ students

Stake & earn more

Once you earn SAO, you can stake to support the Sator network, unlocking even more rewards and multipliers.

Join over 4,000+ students

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Come explore Sator's very own Virtual Reality penthouse inside AltspaceVR. Join one of our scheduled parties, or just come hang on your own time. Our next event is "Movie Night in the Metaverse" on Thursday 4/21 @ 9pm EST.

Join over 4,000+ students

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Audience Growth

For TV Networks, Producers, Distributors

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Fueled by smart contracts, TV shows can empower viewers to compete for rankings, socialize and collect the show’s NFTs.

Viewership Growth

Expand onto viewers’ second screens. Enhance audience experience. Immerse viewers with new ways to take part in their favorite shows.

Optimize Marketing

TV shows activated with Sator achieve viewer engagement measurable results.


Find out more about SATOR's groundbreaking entertainment tech below.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of Sator?

Our goal is to democratize the typical television paradigm where users generate the value of a show, yet only centralized entities receive the payout. The Sator Network allows for payouts to be distributed back to viewers, thereby directly aligning their interests with creators, advertisers, and distributors of television content.

What is SAO?

SAO is the social utility token that fuels the Sator network. SAO gets distributed to viewers and content creators depending on their engagement with the system. At a high level, television creators and distributors need SAO to have their product (e.g. network series) activated on the Sator platform and are rewarded by gaining engagement and growth of their viewership. At the same time, viewers that hold SAO are rewarded for interacting with the series content. In essence, this democratizes the typical television paradigm in which viewers generate the value of a show.

How does a viewer earn and utilize SAO?

Viewers who hold SAO are rewarded for interacting with series content. Individuals will need to stake SAO tokens in order to participate in the network. The more tokens an individual has staked and the more they interact with content on Sator, the more rewards they will receive.

What is the goal of the Sator network?

To grow and maintain viewership of series by rewarding both viewers and content creators through the power of decentralization.

What is staking?

Staking is depositing tokens for a specified period of time.

How does a TV series stake to activate with Sator?

Sator’s simple staking mechanism allows a TV series to buy SAO tokens, deposit SAO tokens, and choose audience engagement opportunities. When a viewer fulfills a chosen engagement opportunity, some of the staked tokens are released in the form of rewards to the viewer. Any unreleased tokens get returned to the TV series.

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